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Team Based Approach

At Sports and Orthopaedic Physio in Palm Beach our goal is to resolve your pain or injury with conservative therapy, however should you need to be referred to a specialist, we have the benefit of working alongside Orthopaedic Specialist Dr Michael Tong. This can accelerate the time frames for getting a specialist opinion and allows a team based approach to give you the best care possible.


At Sports and Orthopaedic Physio in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast we specialise in providing quality physiotherapy for your Sports related injuries and Post Surgical Rehabilitation. Our highly experienced Physiotherapists will take the time to make an accurate diagnosis, explain the diagnosis, provide a hands on treatment and exercises to help you stay on track to overcome your pain or injury.

Expert Physio Care

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Common Conditions Treated



Physiotherapy for Impingement, Frozen shoulder, Rotator cuff tears, Dislocation, Bankart lesion, Acromioclavicular joint sprain


Physiotherapy for Arthritis, Patellofemoral joint mal tracking, ACL rupture, MCL/LCL tear, Meniscal tear, Patellar tendonitis, Bursitis


Physiotherapy for Arthritis, Labral tear, Gluteal tendinopathy, Trochanteric bursitis, Sacroiliac Joint pain


Physiotherapy for Ligament tears, Fractures, Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon rupture


Physiotherapy to treat Acute Lower back pain, Chronic Lower back pain, Neck pain, Whiplash injuries, Sciatica, Spondylolisthesis, Disc protrusion, Osteoarthritis


Physiotherapy to treat Referred pain, neuro-dynamics, nerve entrapment

Muscle tears/strains

Physiotherapy to help for Calf, Hamstring, Groin


Physiotherapy to treat Temporomandibular joint dysfunction


Physiotherapy to improve Co-ordination, Imbalance


Upper limb:

Arthroscope, Rotator cuff repair, Biceps tendon repair, Acromioclavicular joint repair, Acromioplasty, Bankart repair, Labral repair, Fractures

Lower limb:

Total hip replacement, Total knee replacement, Arthroscope, Meniscal repair, Menisectomy, Labral repair, Achilles repair, ACL repair, Fractures, Amputations

Sports, Whiplash and Work Related Injuries: 

Sport Injuries and Pre-injury Prevention Programs:

Whether you are a weekend warrior, an elite sports player or just  love to get out and give it a go; getting you back to a level where you can return safely to what you love doing is all that matters to us.


With an onsite rehabilitation gym with Pilates equipment we are uniquely able to not only able to accurately assess your current level, we can provide a individualised pre and rehabilitation programs to be either completed at our private facilities, the training ground, court, bowling green, gym, or the water!

Work Injuries:   

Work injuries unfortunately happen and returning to work in a smooth and easy way as soon as practically possible has been shown to be important for your over all wellbeing. We can aid in not only reducing the pain of an injury but provide a graduated return to work rehabilitation program. This could also include some hydrotherapy, a gym based program but also involve ergonomic and vocational support to assist in an optimal and less painful transition back to work. 


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Shoulder Physio
Physio Massage
Accupuncture by Physiotherapist
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