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A Move to Improve - 2: Neck Support

As mentioned in previous posts there is a high probability the majority of your day is involved with sitting with poor posture. No matter how much you try and be in a good posture your work will take your concentration and your muscles will fatigue causing you to slump.

The neck just isn't meant to support your head in this position for extended periods

As I can't stop you working or enjoying Netflix the best I can do is give you advice and exercises to limit the impact. In addition to the advice in the last blog regarding routine changing position; the next best thing is strengthening the front of your neck to improve the endurance of these muscles. These are called your Deep neck flexor muscles.

The small muscles at the front of the neck need to be strong for appropriate posture

The exercise to strengthen these muscles are called chin tucks. There are many, many different ways of doing them but the principle is always the same - MAKE A DOUBLE CHIN.

I find it easier to do these standing with my back against the wall.

Bring your chin back (don't look down) to form a double chin

Hold for 30sec


Repeat 5 times

Draw your head back while still looking forward to create a double chin

This is what I call a ad break or traffic light exercise - eve time you are stopped at the lights instead of getting angry, get training.

Get started on good habits

Life is too short to be worried about pain

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